White Kidney Bean Extract For Weight Loss

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NOW Phase 2 -Dr Oz White Kidney Bean Extract For Weight Loss

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Excessive consumption of carbohydrates is once of the causes of obesity or weight gain. Whenever you eat carbs such a breads, pastas, cereals, pastas, cereals, cakes, coookies, chips, pizzas, burgers, etc, the digestive enzynme known as alpha amylase breaks down the starches into glucose. Your body uses glucose for energy, but any excess will be stored as fat. This is why consuming too much carbs can  easily lead to weight gain.

How does kidney bean extract aid weight loss?

White kidney bean extract, also known as Phaseolus Vulgaris extract, may help to induce weight loss by inhibiting the digestive enzyme, alpha amylase, from breaking down carbs into glucose. By reducing or slowing down digestion of carbs, this decreases the number of carbohydrate calories absorbed and may result in weight loss.

Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer/Carb Controller – White Kidney Bean Extract

Several studies on white kidney bean extract and weight loss were conducted using Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer /Carb Controller proprietary extract of white kidney bean. It was found that doses of 445 to 3000 mg per day, in a single dose or divided doses, can result in weight loss. Participants who took Phase 2 white kidney bean extract reported significant reduction in body weight, BMI, fat mass, fat tissue thickness and waist/hip/ thigh circumferences while maintaining lean muscle.

Phase 2 has been demonstrated to reduce the rate of absorption of carbs and glycemix index (GI) of foods.  It can potentially reduce spikes in blood glucose and promote weight loss when taken with carb meals.

Phase 2 is used as an ingredient in weight control supplements such as Natrol Carb Intercept They may assist in weight control when used in addition to exercise and a sensible diet.

Dr Oz suggests taking white bean extract to lose belly fat. His recommended dosage: start with 500mg per day before a meal, then increase it up to twice a day.

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