Top 3 Vitamins for Hemorrhoids

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Bioflavonoids (also known as vitamin P) are colourful pigments that occur in plants.  It has been shown that several bioflavonoids may be helpful for alleviating signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids.

How Do Bioflavonoids Work?
Bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and vasoprotective effects. It is suggested that bioflavonoids strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce their susceptibility to damage.  They improve venous tone and lymphatic drainage, reduce capillary permeability and protect microcirculation from inflammatory processes.

Bioflavonoids for Hemorrhoids

1. Diosmin and hesperidin
Diosmin and hesperidin are found mainly in citrus fruits. A combination of diosmin and hesperidin have been shown to be effective for treating venous disorders such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Several clinical studies demonstrated that treatment with combined bioflavonoids, ie. 90% diosmin and 10% hesperidin, significantly:
– reduced the frequency, duration and severity of acute hemorrhoid attacks, and symptoms of chronic hemorrhoids.
– alleviated post hemorrhoid surgery symptoms such as pain, heaviness, bleeding and itching.
– reduced pain and bleeding associated with acute hemorrhoids
– alleviated hemorrhoid symptoms such as pain, heaviness, bleeding, itching and anal discharge.

Diosmin and hesperidin are considered safe and effective for treating hemorrhoids of pregnancy.

2. Rutin
Rutin is found in a variety of plants including fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Studies have shown that treatment with oxerutins, which are synthetic bioflavonoids derived from rutin and used in drugs, significantly improved symptoms (pain, bleeding, secretion and itching) and signs (bleeding and inflammation) of hemorrhoids of pregnancy.

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