Natural Anti-Aging Skincare: Vitamin B3 & Bearberry Extract

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On Dr Oz’s show about anti-aging guide for 2014, Dr. Sharon Giese (cosmetic plastic surgeon) reveals 2 topical¬†products that help you to¬†look young naturally.

1. Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide
Topical vitamin B3 is a “botox in a bottle”. It repairs skin cells by increasing capillary dilation and improving blood flow. Vitamin b3 is also a natural anti-inflammatory. It is absorbed through and gentle on the skin, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What to look for in a topical vitamin B3 cream:
– vitamin b3 or niacinamide on the label

Suggested usage:
– use morning and night
– apply on face and neck

2. Bearberry Extract or Arbutin
Bearberry extract is a natural skin brightener. It is gentle of skin and yet tough on age spots or pigmentation.

Exposure to sun causes free radical damage and brings melanonin which is deeper up to the surface of skin. Bearberry extract slows melatonin-producing enzyme, thus preventing and reversing the dark spots of aging.

What to look for:
– bearberry extract or arbutin on the label

Suggested usage:
– Apply before moisturiser
– Use every evening

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