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Dr Oz Anti Aging: Topical Vitamin C

On Dr Oz show, plastic surgeons Dr Shirley Madhere and Dr Leif Rogers joined Dr Oz to reveal the secret to looking 10 years younger: topical vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Several factors such as such as ageing, pollutants, smoking and exposure to sunlight can lead to depletion of this nutrient.

Vitamin C & Wrinkles
As you age, collagen breaks down and results in wrinkles and fine lines. Replenishing your skin with vitamin C increases collagen production and improves skin elasticity.

Vitamin C & Age Spots
Age spots are sun damaged skin.  Vitamin C acts as a skin lightener and brightener. It reduces sunburned cells and reverses age-damaged skin. It protects against and repairs UV damage such as age spots, wrinkles and discolouration.

Topical Vitamin C vs. Oral Vitamin C 
While oral supplementation of vitamin C is great for overall health, topical vitamin C is best for targeting skin ageing. When you apply it topically, you get 20 times more vitamin C into the skin than when you take it orally. Topical vitamin C is available in the forms of creams, lotions and serums.

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How to Choose A Topical Vitamin C Product
When buying topical vitamin C products, Dr Leif Rogers suggests that you look for:
– 3-10% vitamin C (human studies showed that up to 10% is effective)
– active ingredient: ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid
– airtight and opaque package (vitamin C is easily oxidised when exposed to air and light)

Can You Mix Topical Vitamin C With Other Products?
According to Dr Madhere, there’s no problem with mixing topical vitamin C with other products. Topical vitamin C works well with:
alpha hydroxy acids (AHA): AHA exfoliate & aid in the penetration of vitamin C.
– vitamin A compounds such as retinol.
– other antioxidants, especially vitamin E.
– oral phytoceramides.

Dr Medhere recommends mixing vitamins C and E as a powerful anti ageing combination.

Personally, I’ve been using a moisturiser with vitamins A, C (ascorbic acid) and E for several years. My skin is definitely smoother and brighter.  I highly recommend these topical antioxidants!

Since antioxidants become oxidised and lose their effectiveness easily, I only buy topical antioxidant products that come in an opaque, pump dispenser. This minimises the exposure of the content to air and light and thus limiting oxidation.

Where to Buy Topical Vitamin C 
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