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Where To Buy Pu Erh, White Tea, Chickweed Tea & Bilberry Tea?

Some of the weight loss teas mentioned by Dr Oz may not be available at your local stores. However, you can easily buy Pu erh tea, white tea, chickweed tea and bilberry tea online.

Where to buy Pu erh tea?

See –>

Where to buy white tea?

White tea bags –> Available at, Amazon Canada

Where to buy chickweed tea?

Chickweed tea bags – Available at

Where to buy bilberry tea?

Bilberry tea bags – Available at, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK

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Dr Oz Best Weight Loss Teas

Drinking tea is one of the easiest and natural ways to lose weight. But do you know that drinking the RIGHT tea at the RIGHT time can shrink fat cells and burn fat?

Dr Oz interviewed world expert on alternative medicine, Bryce Wilde, to find out the best teas to drink during the day.

According to Bryce, drinking the right teas can:
– increase energy and metabolism in morning
– reduce stress during lunch time
– get rid of fat in the afternoon
– kill cravings in the evening

Pu Erh Tea – Morning

Drinking 2 cups of Pu erh in the morning can help to shrink fat cells

Pu erh tea originates from Eastern China and is a delicacy there. It is a type of fermented tea, kind of like wine and cheese. It contains 2 active ingredients, theabrownin and gallic acid, that shrink fat tissue.

Pu erh tea is mild and smooth. There is no need to add sugar and milk, so you save on calories.

See the previous post on where to buy Pu Erh tea –> Pu Erh Tea Featured on Dr Oz Show

White Tea – Lunch Time

Drinking 2 cups of white tea at lunch time can help to block fat absorption from your meal. White tea contains a powerful antioxidant, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), that burns fat and prevents fat storage. The theanine in white tea helps to reduce stress.

White tea is tasty on its own. It is mild, smooth and no sugar is needed.

You can buy white tea bags here

Chickweed Tea – Afternoon

By afternoon, most people retain too much water and suffers from bloating. Chickweed, also known as star weed, is a type of weed found across Europe and North America.

Chickweed tea contains magnesium and potassium, and has mild diuretic effects to help you lose water weight. It is also a mild laxative to flush out “stuff” sitting around in your bowel.

Chickweed tea is considered a herbal tea and has a fruity taste. You should drink no more than 1 cup per day since it is diuretic. This tea can be purchased online at:

Chickweed tea bags are available here

Bilberry Tea – Evening

Drinking 1 cup of bilberry tea in the evening can kill cravings. This tea has been shown to balance glucose in the blood. A stable blood glucose level means reduced cravings, so you are less likely to snack. It has a slight medicinal taste. Bilberry is a fruit that resembles blueberry.

Bilberry tea bags can be purchased online here

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