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Dr Oz Pycnogenol for Brown Spots

Brown spot is the first sign of aging. Dermatologist, Dr. Joely Kauffman appeared on Dr Oz show to reveal her secret weapon to tackle brown spots: Pycnogenol

(Pycnogenol has also been featured as an anti-aging supplement on “7 Years Younger! The Revolutionary Anti-Aging Plan!” episode of Dr Oz show here)

What is Pycnogenol?
This is a natural extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree.

It is rich in bioflavonoids, procyanidins and organic acids. The powerful antioxidants in pycnogenol fight free radicals that cause denegerative diseases and premature aging. Pycnogenol has been shown to provide many benefits for human health.

In addition, pycnogenol is many times more powerful than vitamin C and E. It also recycles vitamin C, regenerates vitamin E and increases the endogenous antioxidant enzyme system.

4 Main Properties of Pycnogenol (more…)

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