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Where to Buy Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract?

On Dr Oz show today, he was joined by alternative health specialist and certified nutritionist Dr Lindsey Duncan to tell us about the superfood,  green coffee bean for weight loss.

Dr Lindsey said that unroasted green coffee bean contains a natural active compound called chlorogenic acid, that slows down the release of glucose into the body. Chlorogenic acid also can boost metabolism and burn fat in the liver.

However, drinking cups of coffee a day does not confer any weight loss benefits. The roasting process destroys much of the chlorogenic acid in coffee beans.

Unroasted green coffee beans are very bitter and contain more than 50% chlorogenic acid. Hence, you need to take them in the form of supplement, which you can buy online. (more…)

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Dr Oz Fat Buster: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is one of Dr Oz 5 fastest fat busters for losing overall body fat. His recommended  dosage is 800 mg of green coffee bean extract, twice a day. I have previously written a detailed post on how green coffee bean extract aids weight loss, the best green coffee bean extract supplement  and where you can buy it. Click this link to read more:
–> Green Coffee Bean Extract & Weight Loss

 Another benefit of green coffee bean extract is for lowering blood pressure. You can read more about it here:
–> Green Unroasted Coffee Bean Extract For High Blood Pressure

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Green Coffee Bean Extract & Weight Loss

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Coffee berry is the fruit of coffee tree. It contains green seeds (also known as beans) where green coffee bean extract is derived from. Green unroasted coffee bean is rich in chlorogenic acid, which is a type of beneficial polyphenol (antioxidant).

Elevated Blood Glucose & Weight Gain (more…)

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