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Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Solution: Does SafSlim Work?

What is SafSlim?
SafSlim is a concentrated source of linoleic acid from safflower oil.

SafSlim and Belly Fat Loss
SafSlim contains high-linoleic safflower oil that has been shown to reduce belly fat and increase lean muscle.

A study was conducted to compare the effects of 2 dietary oils, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and safflower oil (SAF), on body weight, fat and composition in obese post-menopausal women with type 2 diabetes. These women were told not to change other behaviours (diet an activity).

Study findings at the end of 36 weeks: (more…)

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Montel Williams & SafSlim: Safflower Oil To Bust Belly Fat

Montel Williams, a celebrity, health advocate and MS sufferer, revealed how SafSlim transformed his body on Dr Oz show.

SafSlim is a safflower supplement that has helped him lose inches off his waist without changing anything else. Taken before meals, it helps to reduce his appetite and cravings for sugar.

Montel is already on a healthy regime whereby he works out everyday and eats a proper diet. However, supplementing with SafSlim gives him the extra boost to fight belly fat. Since he is always on the road and has a crazy work schedule, it is not always possible to exercise or eat properly.  (more…)

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