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GCA® Green Coffee Extract & Weight Loss

gca green coffee bean extract weight loss

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What is Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA®)?
GCA® or Green Coffee Antioxidant is derived from unroasted raw green coffee beans and is standardized for the ideal polyphenolic acid ratio. It is produced by Applied Food Sciences Inc (Austin, TX), a health and wellness organization that specializes in providing nutritional solutions for the food, beverage and supplement industries.

GCA® is standardized to contain 45.9% chlorogenic acids.

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Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol

What is Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol?
This is a supplement that contains 2 types of raw, unroasted green coffee bean extract for double the impact. One of them is Svetol, a clinically proven green coffee bean extract that has been proven to support weight loss.

Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol is standardized to contain a minimum of 45% total chlorogenic acids per serving. These are powerful compounds that support a healthy body weight, body fat, blood sugar levels and heart function.

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Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract & Weight Loss

What is Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract?
Svetol is decaffeinated green coffee bean extract derived from carefully selected unroasted green coffee beans of the Robusta variety. The natural extraction preserves a unique composition and consistency of chlorogenic acids in Svetol.

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