Montel Williams & SafSlim: Safflower Oil To Bust Belly Fat

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Montel Williams, a celebrity, health advocate and MS sufferer, revealed how SafSlim transformed his body on Dr Oz show.

SafSlim is a safflower supplement that has helped him lose inches off his waist without changing anything else. Taken before meals, it helps to reduce his appetite and cravings for sugar.

Montel is already on a healthy regime whereby he works out everyday and eats a proper diet. However, supplementing with SafSlim gives him the extra boost to fight belly fat. Since he is always on the road and has a crazy work schedule, it is not always possible to exercise or eat properly.  In addition, multiple sclerosis results in severe painful and stiff legs. In his battle to walk and lead a normal life, Montel needs to maintain an ideal body weight in every way possible and Safslim has certainly helped to make it easier for him.

After testing out SafSlim and seeing its amazing results on himself,  Montel called the president of the company and asked to be a part of it. He believes in Safslim so much that he wants to make sure that SafSlim gets into the hands of people who can use it. This is how he becomes the paid spokesperson for Safslim.

He stressed that Safslim is not a silver bullet. It takes hard work and dedication to achieve a healthy lifestyle. However, adding SafSlim to your diet will give you the extra tool to fight the battle of bulge.

When Dr Oz heard about SafSlim from Montel, he was sceptical. He got his research team to combine all the knowledge they had on safflower oil and they produced a 30-page report.

Does Safflower Oil Work?
Dr Oz was very intrigued with the findings on safflower oil. In his opinion, they have compelling data to suggest that it does work.

(He made it clear that he wasn’t endorsing SafSlim)

Safflower contains linoleic acid, which a type of omega 6 fatty acids. What Dr Oz suggested was to try safflower oil for 3 months to see if it works for you. You can take safflower oil in any of these ways:
1. SafSlim
2. Safflower oil capsules: 6 grams of linoleic acid per day
3. Safflower oil in food: 7-1 grams of polyunsaturated fat per serving
4. Sunflower seeds: 3 teaspoons per day (sunflower seeds contain linoleic acid)

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