Re-Body Happy Hunger Chews To Curb Cravings/Hunger

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On today’s Dr Oz show, Montel Williams shared the newest product that he takes to curb his cravings : Re-Body Happy Hunger Chews. This is a product by the same manufacturer of SafSlim Belly Fat Solution. Montel has successfully used SafSlim to lose inches off his waist.

Like most people, Montel struggled with emotional eating. Instead of turning to junk or unhealthy food, he takesĀ Happy Hunger Chews daily to boost his serotonin, the feel-good hormone and quash his cravings. Hunger Chews have certainly worked for him since he hasn’t reached for a cookie in 5 months!

What is Re-Body Happy Hunger Chews?
Re-Body Hunger Chews is a delicious and healthy treat to help you control food cravings. A single chew contains 88.5 mg Satiereal, a saffron extract that has been shown to reduce hunger/cravings and increase satiety.

I had previously written about Satiereal saffron extract here:
Satiereal Saffron Extract & Weight Loss

Benefits of Re-Body Hunger Chews
1. Curbs hunger and unhealthy cravings
2. Inhibits emotional eating impulses
3. Weight control

Recommended Dosage For Re-Body Hunger Chews
As a dietary supplement, take 1 chew twice daily before meals. Available in Mandarin orange flavour.

Re-body Hunger Chews vs. Re-Body Hunger Caps
Previously, Satiereal saffron extract supplement by Re-Body was only available in capsule form as Hunger Caps.

The introduction of Hunger Chews provides an alternative option for those who don’t like taking pills. Hunger Chews are also a healthy tasty treat, which you can easily bring with you and have them wherever you go.

Where to Buy Re-Body Hunger Chews?
Available here

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