Dr Oz/Montel Williams: Happy Hunger Chews

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Dr Oz Re-body happy Hunger Chews,Montel Williams Re-body happy Hunger Chews

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On Dr Oz show, Montel Williams shared how taking Happy Hunger Chews helps him to conquer emotional eating associated with sadness. Happy Hunger Chews is a product by Re-body that contains 88.5 mg Satiereal saffron extract,  a herb which been proven to reduce cravings and hunger.

Dr Oz had previously talked about beneficial effects of Satiereal saffron extract for weight control.

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Most people turn to food to cope with negative emotions. In moments of sadness, our serotonin levels drop. This is why some people often fall for sugary foods or carbs to provide them with an immediate improvement in their moods and a sense of well-being.

Re-Body Happy Hunger Chews works by boosting serotonin levels. Instead of reaching for unhealthy foods, Montel takes Happy Hunger Chews everyday. They have curbed his cravings significantly so much so that he hasn’t had a cookie in  5 months!

Learn more about Re-Body Happy Hunger Chews and where you can buy them here:
–> Re-Body Happy Hunger Chews To Curb Cravings/Hunger

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