Pu Erh Tea (Puer Tea/Pu erh Tee)

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Pu erh tea originates and acquires its name from Pu-erh county in Yunnan, China. It is produced from the large leaf species of tea plant. The high mountains, cool temperature, fertile soil and clean environment in Yunnan are ideal conditions for growing tea trees.

Pu erh tee improves with age so is rather similar to wine and cheeses. It is different from other teas as the latter are best consumed when fresh. The natural aging results in varying flavours and aromas.

Types of Pu erh Tea

1.Maocha: This is a type of green Pu erh tea that has undergone minimal or no oxidation. The tea leaves are in loose form.

2. Raw/uncooked Pu erh: This is Maocha that has been compressed.

3. Aged raw Pu erh: This is raw Pu erh that has been undergone secondary oxidation and fungal and bacterial fermentation. It is stored away from heat, in a dry and odor free environment for many years or decades to produce high quality aged raw Pu erh.

Loose aged raw Pu erh is produced from aging uncompressed Maocha.

4. Cooked/ripened Pu erh: This is compressed Maocha that has been processed under controlled conditions to emulate aged raw Pu erh. Tea leaves are wetted with water and kept in warm and humid environment to facilitate fermentation. This speeds up the aging process. Cooked Pu erh is generally cheaper than naturally aged raw Pu erh.

Raw Pu erh contain higher antioxidants (polyphenols and flavonoids) than ripened Pu erh and aged raw Pu erh. The post fermentation of ripened Pu erh and aged raw Pu erh results in higher gallic acid, the compound reported to inhibit the enzyme that is responsible for fatty acid and lipid formation in the body.

Pu erh tee is available in loose form or compressed into various shapes and sizes.

Where to buy Pu erh tee

Not able to find quality Pu erh tea at a local store?

Check out the following online tea retailers, which offer a wide selection of Puer tea:

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