Power Plate Training Reduces Cellulite

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What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is a term used to describe the pockets of fat just beneath the skin. The unsightly bumpy, dimpled and lumpy appearance of the skin is often referred as “orange peel” or “cottage cheese”. Cellulite occurs commonly on thighs, buttocks and hips.

Fat is stored in the subcutaneous connective tissue, just beneath the skin. As fat cells enlarge, they push against this web of connective tissue. When the collagen fibers that connect the tissue to the skin break down or pull tight, fat cells bulge out, thereby creating dimpled, lumpy and uneven skin.

Cellulite does not discriminate young or old, slim or overweight. This is because everyone has layers of fat under the skin. However, cellulite is more common in women than men, due to differences connective tissue structure in both genders.

Risk Factors for Cellulite
1. hormonal changes
2. genetic
3. excess body fat
4. dehydration
5. fluid retention
6. poor diet
7. lack of exercise
8. aging
9. poor circulation
10. toxins

Power Plate (or Acceleration) Training Reduces Cellulite
Acceleration training involves performing exercises on a whole body vibration machine such as Power Plate. It has been shown that Acceleration Training on Power Plate may help reduce appearance of cellulite by:
– accelerating and enhancing collagen remodeling
– improving circulation and oxygenated blood flow, thereby reducing toxins in the body
– helping to lose excess fat

In 2004, a 6-month study on the effects of Acceleration Training (or Power Plate Training) on cellulite was carried out by German Sanaderm Clinic. It was found that participants who exercised 2-3 times per week, in sessions of 8-13 mins, on the Power Plate machine reduced cellulite on their thighs and buttocks by 25.7%. When Power Plate training was supplemented with 24-48 mins of cardio training, participants achieved even higher cellulite reduction by 32.3%.

Other studies have also shown that Acceleration training could reduce abdominal fat.

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