The Top 4 Causes of Osteoporosis

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1. Medications including Prescription Bone Drugs

It’s almost unbelievable and highly ironic that bisphosphonates, prescribed to combat osteoporosis, may actually increase fracture rate, according to several studies. The conclusion of one Spanish Study was, “bisphosphonate use was associated with an increased risk of subtrochanteric or diaphyseal fractures in elderly women in a low fracture risk population, with a higher risk among long-term bisphosphonate users.” 

While bisphosphonates do increase bone mineral density (therefore not a true factor in causing osteoporosis), they are included here as it is believed that they promote bone that is best described as ‘brittle’ and ‘ceramic’.

2. Lack of Weight Bearing Exercise

Due to our modern lifestyle, we spend the majority of our time at desk jobs, or sitting in cars getting to our desk jobs. The result is our bones are underutilized – compared to our ancestors.

We are all familiar how muscles will shrink if not used, but what’s less known is that bones do the same. It’s a simple case of ‘use it or lose it’.

The Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that a 1994 study of women as old as 70 avoided the expected loss of bone, and even increased their bone density slightly by lifting weights twice a week for a year.

3. Lack of Sufficient Vitamin D

Adequate vitamin D is crucial for calcium to be absorbed and directed to where it’s most needed- the bones. With low D levels, the body can’t absorb calcium from the diet, so it pulls calcium from your bones instead.

Historically we received the needed amount of vitamin D from the ultra-violet light (UVB rays) in sunlight where your body would store the vitamin and use it later.

Unfortunately, most of us today spend much more of our time indoors and when we do go outside, we tend to lather on the sunscreen.

Yes, sunscreen is important when you’re concerned about protecting your skin, but it is also the reason we have chronic rates of osteoporosis.

It may come as a surprise, but there is scientific data that says that the health risks of too much sun (melanoma) is outweighed by the health hazards of too little vitamin D –  by 10 to 1!


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4. Not Eating Enough Fresh, Natural Foods

 Arguably, the biggest dietary contributor to osteoporosis is mass produced, mineral depleted food. In the west we live in abundant times, yet quality has yielded to quantity regarding food.

For example 50 years ago vegetables were farmed as they have been for centuries, in mineral rich soil. The ground was purposely left fallow for long periods to allow minerals to replenish and  fertilizers were not needed because the ground provided the nutrients to the plants.

Numerous tests have proven that vitamin and mineral levels in many of today’s most common veggies (broccoli and tomatoes, for example) are 50% less than they were in the 1950s!  And similar numbers apply to the other food groups like meat and dairy because cows are also eating vitamin depleted foods.

The result of eating mineral deficient foods is that the bones are denied the usual building blocks. So when the body receives only half the amount of minerals that they are used to, they become thinner and more porous.

When possible, opting for organic foods is your best bet as they are more vitamin rich than their conventional food counterparts.

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