Oolong Tea (Wu Long Tea) – Featured On Dr Oz Show

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Drinking Oolong (Wu Long) tea is a natural way to boost your metabolism. It is one of the metabolism boosters recommended by Dr Oz to help your body burn fat a little faster.

How does Oolong tea aid weight loss?

Oolong tea contains poplyphenols that inhibit fat absorption. This prevents you from gaining fat and improves your cholesterol levels as less triglycerides are produced in the body.

The combination of caffeine and polyphenols in Oolong tea helps to boost your metabolic rate and increase energy (calorie) expenditure. As Oolong tea is low in caffeine, you can drink it throughout the day without making you jittery (like coffee does).

Simply replace your coffee, juice, sodas or other high-calorie beverages with Oolong tea. You can drink it either hot or cold, preferably with no added sugar (calories). If you really like it sweetened, add a bit of natural sweetener Stevia

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