Dr Lindsey Slimming Superfood: Moringa

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Moringa is a superfood loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein. Its nutritional content is highly beneficial for supporting overall health and weight mangement.

This “Miracle Tree” contains:
– 15x more potassium than bananas,
– 26x more iron than spinach,
– 17x more calcium than milk,
– 10x more vitamin A than carrots,
– 15x more fiber than wheat
– 2x more protein than egg

Dr Lindsey Slimming Superfood: Moringa featured on ABC “The View”
Dr Lindey Duncan appeared on ABC “The View” today to talk about slimming superfoods, including Moringa. If you missed it, you can watch the segment here –> Dr Lindsey Duncan Four Slimming Superfoods

Moringa & Weight Loss
Moringa may aid weight management by supporting healthy blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity and increasing energy levels.

Cravings can be caused by lack of nutrients when you eat too much processed and/or fast foods. Moringa supplies the body with important nutrients to curb cravings, reduce hunger and keep you satiated.

Moringa Supplement
Dr Lindsey recommends a pure Moringa supplement, with no fillers, binders and other additives.

Moringa Dosage
For best results, Dr Lindsey suggests taking 2 capsules (800 mg), twice a day, before breakfast and lunch.

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