Lipowheat Ceramides: Hydrate Skin From Within

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What are Ceramides?
Ceramides belong to a class of lipids known as sphingolipids, which are found in the outermost skin layer (stratum corneum). They make up for about 40-65% of lipids in the stratum corneum.

Functions of Ceramides
Ceramides are key components of the protective barrier of skin against external environmental stresses (physical, chemical or biological), exposure to UV light, infection and allergens. Adequate amount of ceramides is necessary for maintaining healthy skin.

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Loss of Ceramides
Aging, environmental exposure and physical trauma such as eczema can cause a decline in the production of ceramides and disruption of the protective barrier functions. This leads to thinning of the outer layer of skin that has weak moisture retention, decreased elasticity and is more prone to infection. As a result, skin is dry, flaky and itchy. Aging skin has increased wrinkles, lines and sagging.

Plant Ceramides
Plant ceramides are chemically similar to human ceramides. Some of the plant sources of ceramides are wheat, rice, soy and spinach. Plant derived ceramides or phytoceramides used in topical and oral ceramide products can help to replenish ceramides in the skin.

Studies have showned that ceramides are absorbed in the digestive tract and carried to the outer layer of the skin by blood. This restores the healthy moisture barrier function of skin. Supplementing with oral ceramides produces better results than using topical ceramides.

Lipowheat Ceramides
Lipowheat ceramides are derived from the lipids of whole wheat grain. Clinical studies showed that oral ingestion of Lipowheat significantly increased hydration of dry skin so that it was softer and smoother. Itching and redness were reduced.

Effects of Lipowheat
– stimulates production of collagen
– protects against free radical damage that causes aging skin
– neutralises the activity of elastase enzyme to protect skin elastine fibers

Ceramide loss is a primary contributor to wrinkles and lines. Supplementing with oral ceramide such as Lipowheat can help restore ceramide levels in the skin. This produces smoother, healthy and youthful complexion.

Where to buy Lipowheat Ceramides

Lipowheat is used as an ingredient in the dietary supplement, Skin Restoring Phytoceramides with Lipowheat by Life Extension, which is available at:
Life Extension

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