Green Tea Metabolism

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One of the ways that green tea aids weight loss and weight management is by increasing thermogenesis or metabolic

The effectiveness of green tea in stimulating metabolism is attributed to the main catechin, EGCG. As your metabolic
rate rises, your body generates more heat by increasing energy (calories) burned.

Green tea metabolism has been proven in the study carried out by University of Geneva. Subjects who were given green tea extract (EGCG and caffeine) experienced a 4% increase in 24-hour energy expenditure. When they took an amount of caffeine equivalent to that in the green tea extract, there was no effect on energy expenditure. Since thermogenesis contributes to daily energy expenditure, the 4% increase in 24-hour energy expenditure due to green tea extract would translate to a 35-43% increase in thermogenesis or metabolism.

From the findings, the researchers concluded that ingestion of green tea extract boosted metabolism (thermogenesis) and fat oxidation. Thus, green tea metabolism can potentially promote weight loss.

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