Green Tea Extract Weight Loss: Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

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Green tea extract and weight loss are being increasingly researched in animal and human studies. EGCG is the key component in green tea extract that has the potential to promote weight loss.

EGCG has been shown to aid weight loss by:
– increasing metabolism (thermogenesis)
– increasing fat oxidation/burning (green tea does burn fat!)
– reducing formation of fat
– reducing fat absorption
– improve insulin sensitivity

Here are some findings from studies on green tea extract weight loss

1. University of Birmingham 2008 study

Young healthy participants who ingested 3 capsules of green tea extract (total 366mg EGCG) experienced 17% higher average fat oxidation rate during moderate intensity exercise. Green tea ingestion also increased insulin sensitivity by 13%, which could potentially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

2. Kao Corporation 2005 study

Daily consumption of green tea extract containing 690mg catechins for 12 weeks reduced body fat, waist circumferenece and subcutaneous fat area and BMI in 17 healthy Japanese men.

3. Kao Corporation 2007 study

240 subjects (Japanese men and women with visceral fat-type obesity) ingested green tea extract containing 583mg of catechins (catechin group) or 96mg of catechins (control group) per day for 12 weeks. The catechin group experienced greater reduction in body fat, blood pressure and bad cholesterol than the control group.

4. Unilever 2010 study

The consumption of 2 servings of high catechin green tea extract (886mg catechins, 104mg caffeine/day) for 90 days resulted in reduction of 5.6cm intra-abdominal fat area, 1.9cm waist circumference and 1.2kg body weight in 182 moderately overweight Chinese subjects.

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