Green Coffee Bean Extract Lowers High Blood Sugar

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High blood sugar is becoming the leading cause of degenerative diseases and fatality. The number of people with diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate. Diabetes is diagnosed based on fasting blood sugar measurement, which is taken 8 or more hours after your last meal.

Fasting sugar levels:
Higher than 125 mg/dL = diabetes
100-125 mg/dL = pre-diabetic
Lower than 100 mg/dL = normal

Fasting glucose readings do not detect after meal glucose surges that occur throughout the day depending on the number of meals consumed. Post meal glucose surges can reach diabetic levels and are just as or even more damaging than high fasting blood sugar.

Dangers of High Blood Sugar
Excess blood sugar can damage to cells and tissues, thereby increasing the risk degenerative diseases such as:
– cancer
– diabetes
– heart disease
– kidney disease
– Alzheimer’s disease
– nervous system damage
– retinal damage

Green Coffee Bean Extract & High Blood Sugar
Green coffee bean extract is derived from unroasted coffee beans. Supplementation with green coffee bean extract has been shown to significantly reduce post meal blood sugar spikes.

In a 2-hour study, 56 healthy volunteers took either 200 mg green coffee bean extract, 400 mg green coffee bean extract or nothing (untreated) before drinking a pure glucose solution.

Subjects who took 200 mg of green coffee bean extract had a 19% reduction in post meal blood sugar at 1 hour and 22% reduction at 2 hours compared to those who were untreated.

Subjects who took  the higher dose 400 mg of green coffee bean extract had a higher reduction in blood sugar – 28% at 1 hour!

This study shows how quickly green coffee bean extract is able to suppress after meal blood sugar spike.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Reduces Blood Sugar
Green coffee bean extract is rich in chlorogenic acid and other polyphenols.

Chlorogenic acid has been found to suppress post meal blood sugar levels by:
– inbiting glucose-6-phosphatase, the enzyme that stimulates glucose production and glucose release from the liver.
– inhibiting alpha-glucosidase, the intestinal enzyme that breaks down complex sugars and enhances their absorption into the blood.
– inhibiting absorption of glucose from the intestines.
– stimulating insulin receptors in liver cells and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract can also aid weight loss and lower high blood pressure.

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract
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