Fucoxanthin Weight Loss

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Dr Oz Fucoxanthin Weight Loss, Fucothin

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Fucoxanthin is a brown pigment that occurs naturally in edible seaweed. It is a type of carotenoid with antioxidant properties.

In recent years, fucoxanthin has received much attention from researchers for its potential in treating metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Animal studies have shown that fucoxanthin promotes
– reduction of abdominal fat
– reduction in body weight
– thermogenesis
– reduction in blood sugar

Metabolic syndrome and obesity are risk factors for heart disease. When used for weight control, Fucoxanthin may play an important role in preventing heart attack or stroke and the associated damage.

In a human study on Xanthigen which contains 300 mg pomegranate seed oil and 300 mg fucoxanthin, this supplement resulted in weight loss, reduced body fat, liver fat and belly fat in obese women after 16 weeks. Xanthigen increased resting metabolic rate and also improved liver function and triglyceride levels.

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Xanthigen (Fucoxanthin) Weight Loss

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