Why fresh tea is best and better for you

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Like most food products, tea is generally best when it’s fresh. Most people probably wouldn’t eat a stale croissant or a brown banana, yet many people keep teas in their cupboards for years at a time. This tea-hoarding habit results in tea that is subpar in flavor and in health benefits. Fresh tea is essential to a superior tea drinking experience so here are some simple tips to keep your tea fresh:

– Keep your teas away from light, heat, moisture and strong odors. A cupboard is usually a good spot, away from your coffee or spices.

– Consume your tea within three months to one year of purchase.

– Consider investing in tea canisters, which will help keep your tea at its best for a longer time.

– If you don’t plan on drinking a tea frequently, order a small quantity and then reorder as needed. This way, it will arrive fresh when you’re ready for more instead of going stale as you slowly sip it.

There are some exceptions worth noting. A well-stored Vintage Pu Er tea or aged Oolong tea can be a true delight to drink, and are reputed to be very healthy. However, few people’s cupboards are good spots for aging these teas well. Do you have old tea in your kitchen? Toss it out and replace it with a small quantity of something you’ll relish drinking often. Your taste buds will thank you!

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