Forskolin & Weight Loss: Featured On Dr Oz Show

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Forskolin weight loss supplement was featured on Dr Oz show again. This time, Dr Oz was joined by weight loss expert, Lisa Lynn, to tell us how forskolin works, how to take it and where you can buy it. Forskolin has helped her clients double their weight loss.

Forskolin & Weight Loss: How It Works
Forskolin is derived from Coleus Forskohlii plant that belongs to the mint and lavender family. Research has shown that forskolin can aid weight loss by speeding up metabolism and enhancing fat burning.

Forskolin Dosage
The recommended forskolin dosage is 125 mg, standardized to 20% forskolin, taken with meal at breakfast time. According to Lisa, always start slow and see how  it goes. You can always increase the dosage later but only add exactly what you need. More is never better.

Where to Buy Forskolin Supplements
You can buy forskolin supplements at health food store or online. Makes sure you get a good quality plant substance because you do get what you pay for.

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Forskolin Success Story
One of Lisa’s clients, Emily, took forskolin and lost 20 pounds and 4 pant sizes in 4 months. Prior to taking forskolin, Emily was already eating a clean diet and exercising to lose weight. However, she got stuck with the last 20 pounds.  Supplementing with forskolin helped to jumpstart her fat loss when she already had everything else in place (ie. diet and exercise). Lisa showed Emily’s before and after pictures. The transformation was amazing! It was better than what Emily expected.

Lisa stressed that forskolin is in no way a miracle pill. You still need to some work that involves cleaning up your diet and doing gentle exercise like walking for 40 minutes a day. Exercise can enhance the effects of supplements.

Great advice, Lisa!

(Dr. Oz does not endorse any brand name or commercial supplier. Check with your physician or health-care provider before taking any such product.)

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