Estrovera: Natural Treatment For Menopause

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Estrovera, dr oz siberian rhubarb extract natural remedies for menopause

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What is Estrovera?
Estrovera is a dietary supplement that supplies a purified and standardized concentrated Siberian rhubarb root extract, ERr 731.

What is Siberian Rhubarb Extract (ERr 731)?
The special extract of  the root of Siberian rhubarb (scientific name: Rheum rhaponticum L.).  is known as ERr 731. It is a phythoestrogen that has been used in Germany since 1950s as a herbal medicine for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. It was in 1993 that a standardized version of the extract, ERr 731 was introduced for treating peri- and postmenopausal symptoms.

Effectiveness of ERr 731 for Treating Menopausal Symptoms
Clinical studies have shown that ERr 731 effectively relieves 11 menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, sweating, heart complaints, sleep disturbances, poor mood, anxiety,  sexual problems, urinary tract complaints, vaginal dryness, joint/muscle complaints and physical/mental exhaustion.

In the first 12-week clinical study on the efficacy and safety of ERr 731 in 109 perimenopausal women, a daily dose of 4 mg of ERr 731
– significantly decreased the number and severity of hot flushes in treated women when compared with the placebo after 4 weeks.
– significantly reduced all 11 menopausal symptoms and treated women reported significant improvement in qualiy of life after 12 weeks.

Continued intake of ERr 731 for 48 and 96 weeks demonstrated further reduction or sustained alleviation of menopausal symptoms at 60 and 108 weeks. There were no serious adverse events related to long term use of ERr 731.

In a second 12-week clinical study on the efficacy of Siberian rhubarb extract ERr 731 in 112 perimenopausal women, half of them who took one tablet daily of ERr 731 experienced
– significant reduction in the number of daily hot flushes (from median of 12 to 2) when compared with the placebo.
– significant reductions in 11 menopausal symptoms.

Estrovera (ERr 731) Side Effects
No serious side effects associated with  ERr 731 were reported in clinical studies which lasted from 3 months to 2 years. A 96-week observational study found ERr 731 to be safe and effective  in the long-term treatment of menopausal symptoms in perimenopausal women.

ERr 731 vs. Hormone Therapy
While hormone therapy can relieve menopausal symptoms, it also increases the risks of breast and endometrial cancer, and venous thromboembolism.
ERr 731 is a natural approach to alleviating menopausal symptoms without serious side effects.

Where to Buy Estrovera Siberian Rhubarb Root Extract (ERr 731)
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