Are Egg Whites a Good Late Night Snack?

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Egg whites are a great source of lean protein. They are low in calories and yet, the protein content fills you up and stimulate your metabolism.

Moreover, eggs are cheap, easy and quick to cook. So, I always load up on and store them in the fridge.

Here are 5 ways to eat egg whites as a healthy late night snack.

egg whites healthy late night snack

Tuna Stuffed Hard Boiled Eggs

1. You can always keep some boiled eggs in the fridge for whenever you need to grab a quick and easy high protein snack. I like to eat egg whites with soy sauce so they don’t taste bland.

2. Remove yolks from hard boiled eggs and fill them with salsa/hummus/guacamole/tuna. This is similar to deviled eggs but without the egg yolk mixture!

3. Scrambled egg whites with your choice of vegetables and cheese (optional).

4. Egg white omelette with your choice of vegetables and cheese (optional).

5. Egg drop soup (or egg white in broth)
Bring broth to boil and turn heat down to a simmer. Slowly pour in beaten egg white and stir in a clockwise direction to produce thin shreds. Turn off heat. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with green onion and serve.
Optional: add your choice of vegetables (mushroom, spinach, tomatoes, bok choy, etc) before dropping in egg white.

How do you like to eat egg whites? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment box below.

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