Dr Oz Parsley Tea & Sweet Potato For Burning Arm Fat

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According to Dr Oz, fat in upper arms is concentrated and harder to lose. Your body wants to keep it for energy.

He recommends the following fat burning formula for getting rid of fat in the upper arm in 7 days…

* Drink 6 cups of parley tea a day
* Eat a sweet  potato for each meal

Parsley tea is high in antioxidant and has diuretic effects. It reduces fluid from collecting the arms and making them look bigger then they actually are. The best thing about parsley tea is it keeps you full and satiated.

For 7 days, have a sweet potato for each meal. This will be the main and only carbs to have for the whole week.  He gave some ideas on how you can eat it for 3 meals:

Breakfast – sweet potato pancake
Lunch – sweet potato fries
Dinner – anyway you like to prepare it (baked, steamed, boiled, etc)

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4 Responses to “Dr Oz Parsley Tea & Sweet Potato For Burning Arm Fat”

  1. mary land says:

    do the tea have to be cool or hot?is that all you eat, or do you eat with meal

  2. admin says:

    Dr Oz did not say whether to have the parsley tea, hot or cold. I guess it’s up to individual’s preference. As for the sweet potato, he recommends it as the main and only carb to have with every meal. 3 sweet potato servings per day, ie. 1 sweet potato at every meal.

  3. sandra says:

    Can you have cken or other protein or just the potato for meals

  4. admin says:

    Hi Sandra
    According to Dr Oz, sweet potatoes are low glycemic foods (complex carbs) that do not spike hormone levels linked to arm fat. They are a healthy substitute for other carbs that you normally have. You can still have protein with your meals.

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