Dr Oz Butt Fat Buster: Kudzu Root

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Kudzu root is an ancient herb used in Chinese medicine for treating common cold, flu, shoulder stiffness and as an antidipsotropic (anti alcohol abuse) agent.

It contains high amounts of phytoestrogens, which are estrogenic compounds found naturally in plants. Phytoestrogens have similar structure to estrogens and can have a balancing effect in the body. When estrogen is low, phytoestrogens increase estrogen activity in the body. When estrogen is high, phytoestrogens compete for estrogen receptor sites and thereby reducing estrogen effects.

Kudzu Root: Dr Oz Butt Fat Buster
Excess estrogen causes fat to be distributed in the lower body areas such as thighs and buttocks. Dr Oz recommends kudzu root for regulating estrogen levels and busting butt fat.
Dr Oz recommended dosage: 100 mg kudzu root, to be taken at breakfast daily

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