Dr Oz: Top Cancer Fighting Supplements

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Dr Oz was joined by Dr Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist, to reveal his top 4 cancer fighting supplements. They provide the building blocks for your body to fight and defend itself against cancer. Nevertheless, exercise and diet are still the key foundation  to good health.

4 Top Cancer Fighting Supplements

1. Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP-6)

Dr Lindsey said IP-6 should be only everyone’s radar screen. Animal studies showed that it may help to prevent colon, liver, lung and soft tissue cancer. IP-6 is compound found mainly in high fiber foods such as grains, legumes and seeds.

Recommended dosage of IP-6: Take 500 mg, twice a day (morning and evening).

2. Selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral that may help prevent colorectal and lung cancer. It is also a super antioxidant that builds your body defence system and wipes out free radicals in the bloodstream. Thus, it prevents free radical damage that is associated with cancer.

Recommended dosage of selenium for cancer prevention: Take 200 mcg per day.

3. Black Raspberry

The dark, rich colour of this black raspberry is a rich source of anthocyanins. These are powerful antioxidants that may prevent esophageal and cervical cancer.

Black raspberry contains several hundred times more anthocyanins than other berries. It is the top choice of cancer fighting supplement for Dr Lindsey. Be sure to look for freeze dried black raspberry supplement.

Recommended dosage of black raspberry: Take 300 mg, twice a day.

4. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is not only for cancer prevention but also important for overall health.Low levels of vitamin D3 has been linked to female cancer such as cervical, breast and colorectal cancer.  Known as a triple threat, it may destroy cancer cells, interrupt the growth of abnormal cells and cut off blood supply to tumors..

Recommended Dosage of vitamin D3: 1,000 IU per day.

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