Dr Oz PMS Stress Buster: Agnus Castus

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What is Agnus Castus?
Agnus Castus is also known as Vitex, chaste tree, wild lavender or monk’s pepper tree. It is a shrub with fragrant clusters of flowers that are violet/purple in colour.

Traditional Uses
Extracts of the fruits of Agnus Castus (or chaste berries) has long been used in traditional herbal medicine for treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Treatment of PMS with Agnus Castus
The symptoms of PMS can range from mood swings, irritability, headaches, breast swelling/tenderness, bloating, cravings to depression. For some women, emotional stress and physical discomfort can be bad enough to impact on their daily activities.

Numerous studies have proven the efficacy and safety of Agnus Castus for treating moderate to severe PMS. In one study, 93% of women who received Agnus Castus had significant improvement or elimination of PMS symptoms.

How Does Agnus Castus Work?
One of the cause of PMS is hormonal changes. Prolactin hormone is produced by pituitary gland located at the base of the brain. High levels of prolactin can cause a lack of progesterone hormone. Progesterone is necessary to balance the effects of oestrogen hormone. Insufficient progesterone results in oestrogen dominance.

Agnus Castus corrects hormonal imbalances by reducing prolactin and increasing progesterone, thereby relieving PMS symptoms.

Dr Oz PMS Buster: Agnus Castus
On Dr Oz show, Dr. Roshini Raj recommends taking 150 mg of Agnus Castus, twice a day to help with PMS symptoms such as mood swings and irritability.

Where To Buy Agnus Castus
–> Profesional Supplement Center and Yes Wellness (Canada)

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