How To Stop Sugar Cravings: Chromium Polynicotinate

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Sugar addiction is often compared to cocaine addiction. The more you consume it, the more you crave for it. Eating sugary foods causes fluctuations in blood sugar, which then trigger more cravings for carbs and sweets (when blood sugar dips). This vicious cycle eventually leads to weight gain and insulin resistance, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and kidney damage.

Chromium Polynicotinate
Chromium Polynicotinate is one of the supplements recommended by Dr Oz to stop sugar cravings. Chromium is important for regulating insulin and blood sugar, and energy production. By normalising blood sugar, chromium can prevent cravings and regulate appetite.
Recommended dosage: Take 200 mcg once a day at the beginning of a meal.

Note: On Dr Oz show (2 May 2012), Dr. Mark Liponis recommended chromium polynicotinate for getting rid of belly fat.

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