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Why fresh tea is best and better for you

Like most food products, tea is generally best when it’s fresh. Most people probably wouldn’t eat a stale croissant or a brown banana, yet many people keep teas in their cupboards for years at a time. This tea-hoarding habit results in tea that is subpar in flavor and in health benefits. Fresh tea is essential to a superior tea drinking experience so here are some simple tips to keep your tea fresh: (more…)

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Yunnan Pu Erh Tea Cake

I’ve had this Yunnan pu erh tea cake for over a year. It was produced in 2008 and is now 4 years old. Although the brew is strong and dark reddish brown in colour, the taste is mellow with no bitterness even when steeped for more than 5 minutes. I can make 4-5 infusions with just a little tea leaves.

I enjoy drinking pu erh tea, especially after heavy or greasy meals as it helps with digestion.

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Pu Erh Tea Cake

Ripe Yunnan Pu Erh Cake

Front Cover of the Wrapper

pu erh tuo cha

Brewing Instructions

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Where To Buy Pu Erh, White Tea, Chickweed Tea & Bilberry Tea?

Some of the weight loss teas mentioned by Dr Oz may not be available at your local stores. However, you can easily buy Pu erh tea, white tea, chickweed tea and bilberry tea online.

Where to buy Pu erh tea?

See –>

Where to buy white tea?

White tea bags –> Available at, Amazon Canada

Where to buy chickweed tea?

Chickweed tea bags – Available at

Where to buy bilberry tea?

Bilberry tea bags – Available at, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK

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Dr Oz Best Weight Loss Teas

Drinking tea is one of the easiest and natural ways to lose weight. But do you know that drinking the RIGHT tea at the RIGHT time can shrink fat cells and burn fat?

Dr Oz interviewed world expert on alternative medicine, Bryce Wilde, to find out the best teas to drink during the day.

According to Bryce, drinking the right teas can:
– increase energy and metabolism in morning
– reduce stress during lunch time
– get rid of fat in the afternoon
– kill cravings in the evening

Pu Erh Tea – Morning

Drinking 2 cups of Pu erh in the morning can help to shrink fat cells

Pu erh tea originates from Eastern China and is a delicacy there. It is a type of fermented tea, kind of like wine and cheese. It contains 2 active ingredients, theabrownin and gallic acid, that shrink fat tissue.

Pu erh tea is mild and smooth. There is no need to add sugar and milk, so you save on calories.

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White Tea – Lunch Time

Drinking 2 cups of white tea at lunch time can help to block fat absorption from your meal. White tea contains a powerful antioxidant, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), that burns fat and prevents fat storage. The theanine in white tea helps to reduce stress.

White tea is tasty on its own. It is mild, smooth and no sugar is needed.

You can buy white tea bags here

Chickweed Tea – Afternoon

By afternoon, most people retain too much water and suffers from bloating. Chickweed, also known as star weed, is a type of weed found across Europe and North America.

Chickweed tea contains magnesium and potassium, and has mild diuretic effects to help you lose water weight. It is also a mild laxative to flush out “stuff” sitting around in your bowel.

Chickweed tea is considered a herbal tea and has a fruity taste. You should drink no more than 1 cup per day since it is diuretic. This tea can be purchased online at:

Chickweed tea bags are available here

Bilberry Tea – Evening

Drinking 1 cup of bilberry tea in the evening can kill cravings. This tea has been shown to balance glucose in the blood. A stable blood glucose level means reduced cravings, so you are less likely to snack. It has a slight medicinal taste. Bilberry is a fruit that resembles blueberry.

Bilberry tea bags can be purchased online here

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Pu Erh (Pu Er) Tea For Weight Loss Featured on Dr Oz Show

Drinking tea is healthy and natural way to lose weight. One of my favourite teas, Pu erh, was featured on Dr Oz show as a brew that shrinks fat cells.

How does Pu erh aid weight loss? (more…)

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Pu Erh Tea For Weight Loss

The Chinese like to drink Pu erh tea with their meals or when eating oily food. They believe that it can cut grease and help in digestion.

As Pu erh tea ages, the EGCG content decreases while gallic acid content increases. Gallic acid has been shown to reduce belly fat and cholesterol.

Human and animal studies have shown that Pu erh tea may aid weight loss and, prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome.

A study1 was conducted to determine (more…)

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Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits

Pu erh tea is rich in polyphehols and amino acids.

Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits

Pu erh tea is famous for its medicinal properties in China.

Some of the potential Pu erh tea health benefits include: (more…)

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Pu Erh Tea (Puer Tea/Pu erh Tee)

Pu erh tea originates and acquires its name from Pu-erh county in Yunnan, China. It is produced from the large leaf species of tea plant. The high mountains, cool temperature, fertile soil and clean environment in Yunnan are ideal conditions for growing tea trees.

Pu erh tee improves with age so is rather similar to wine and cheeses. It is different from other teas as the latter are best consumed when fresh. The natural aging results in varying flavours and aromas.

Types of Pu erh Tea

1.Maocha: This is a type of green Pu erh tea that has undergone minimal or no oxidation. The tea leaves are in loose form.

2. Raw/uncooked Pu erh: This is Maocha that has been compressed.

3. Aged raw Pu erh: This is raw Pu erh that has been undergone secondary oxidation and fungal and bacterial fermentation. It is stored away from heat, in a dry and odor free environment for many years or decades to produce high quality aged raw Pu erh.

Loose aged raw Pu erh is produced from aging uncompressed Maocha.

4. Cooked/ripened Pu erh: This is compressed Maocha that has been processed under controlled conditions to emulate aged raw Pu erh. Tea leaves are wetted with water and kept in warm and humid environment to facilitate fermentation. This speeds up the aging process. Cooked Pu erh is generally cheaper than naturally aged raw Pu erh.

Raw Pu erh contain higher antioxidants (polyphenols and flavonoids) than ripened Pu erh and aged raw Pu erh. The post fermentation of ripened Pu erh and aged raw Pu erh results in higher gallic acid, the compound reported to inhibit the enzyme that is responsible for fatty acid and lipid formation in the body.

Pu erh tee is available in loose form or compressed into various shapes and sizes.

Where to buy Pu erh tee

Not able to find quality Pu erh tea at a local store?

Check out the following online tea retailers, which offer a wide selection of Puer tea:

Generation Tea – Pu erh tea capsules, tea bags, loose leaf, compressed

Art of Tea – Pu erh loose leaf, compressed


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