Book Review: Eat Fat, Lose Fat

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Eat Fat, Lose Fat will take you beyond your fears about fat, to the facts about fat.

Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr Mary Enig and Sally Fallon is a nutrition book that has significantly changed my perception, choices and consumption of fats.

Here’s an overview of this book:

Part 1: The Truths About Fats

The first part clears up the prejudices and misconceptions about fats and their role in human health. It reveals that the wrong fats are still being touted as beneficial for health. Why? Food and pharmaceutical industries stand to make substantial profits from it as people consume dangerous fats and suffer from increasing health problems (obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, etc).

Chapter 1 explains why you should be eating traditional fats, why they are healthy, and why you’ve been told they aren’t.
Chapter 2 is about the history and science behind the anti-fat campaign, and how this has led to increased consumption of “bad” fats that are promoted as healthy.
Chapter 3 explains in more depth why your body needs the right kinds of fats, and why the specific types of fats recommended in this program are healthier than others.
Chapter 4 provides the foundations of Eat Fat, Lose Fat nutritional philosophy to weight loss.

Part 2: Real Foods – For Healing and Health

In the 2nd part, you’ll learn how to follow the program.

Chapter 5 introduces traditional foods (in addition to healthy fats) that make up the basis of the 3 diet plans in chapters 6, 7 and 8.
Chapters 6: Quick and Easy Weight Loss diet with complete menu plan (if you want to lose weight).
Chapters 7: Health Recovery diet with complete menu plan (to a address a wide range of health issues).
Chapters 8: Everyday Gourmet diet with a complete menu plan (for maintaining your weight and health).

Part 3: Recipes and Resources

This is where you’ll find recipes for the meal plans.

Chapter 9 presents recipes incorporating coconut in various forms.
Chapter 10 shows you how to prepare a variety of wholesome, traditional foods.
Chapter 11: Resources section that helps you locate sources of products recommended in this book.

What I like about Eat Fat, Lose Fat is that it does not tell you to exclude fat, dairy, grains, meat and desserts. Instead, it teaches you how to choose healthy versions of them and how to prepare them for maximum nutrient benefit and digestibility so you can include all of them in your diet. Eat Fat, Lose Fat diet plans focus on a balanced approach to eating to provide key nutrients that your body needs for maintaining good health and optimal weight.

My favourite section of the book is coconut recipes ‘cos I love coconut in any form. There are just so many ways to incorporate coconut products into my diet for their amazing benefits.

This is an informative and interesting nutrition book that is a must read for anyone who wants to lose weight and/or restore and preserve health.

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