Guide To Buying A High Quality Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Since studies revealed the benefits of green coffee bean extract on weight loss, many dietary supplements containing this ingredient have hit the market. Not all of them are created equal. So, what is the best green coffee bean extract supplement? How to avoid being conned by unscrupulous companies?

Check out these 4 tips on buying a high quality, green coffee bean extract supplement…

1. Look for ingredient list on the bottle. If there isn’t one, do not purchase it.

2. Look for either of the following ingredients on the label:

Both Svetol® and GCA® are patented green coffee bean extract that have undergone studies to support their efficacy for weight loss and delivery of highly bioavailable antioxidants (chlorogenic acids). Svetol® is produced by Naturex (Europe) and GCA® by Applied Food Sciences Inc (Austin, TX).

Find out more about Svetol® and GCA® green coffee extract and the supplements that contain either of these 2 ingredients:
GCA® Green Coffee Extract & Weight Loss
Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract & Weight Loss

3. Contain at least (minimum) 45% chlorogenic acids

Chlorogenic acids and other polyphenols are powerful antioxidants in unroasted green coffee beans. They contribute to the weight loss and many health benefits of green coffee bean extract.

Both Svetol® and GCA® green coffee extract contain at least 45% chlorogenic acids to ensure their efficacy for use in weight management and blood glucose management.  GCA® green coffee extract is also used for lowering high blood pressure.

4. Beware of the word “Pure”

Some companies use the word “pure” as a marketing ploy to attract buyers. Even if it says pure coffee bean extract on the bottle, you may find other ingredients besides green coffee extract. Hence, you must always read the ingredient list on the product label.

Almost all dietary supplements (including green coffee bean extract) contain a small amount of inactive ingredients. The use of inactive ingredients does not necessarily reduce the effectiveness of the products.

Take for example: Life Extension develops and manufactures premium-quality supplements based on the latest scientific research studies. It explains why inactive ingredients are used in their supplements below:

“What are the “Other Ingredients” on the label, and why are they important?
They are inactive ingredients (excipients) that play a number of critical, essential roles in the manufacturing process including:
– Achieving uniform density for accurate dosing
– Dispersing the active ingredients evenly throughout a solid tablet, capsule, and softgel
– Protecting active ingredients from rapid inactivation due to heat and moisture
– Promoting tablet disintegration, as well as capsule and softgel dissolution
– Sustaining the release of active ingredients into the body over time

In short, excipients are critical for the manufacture of quality formulations. Naturally, we choose these extra ingredients with great care and use them as sparingly as possible.”

More FAQs on Life Extension’s commitment to Quality, Purity & Efficacy can be found here

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