Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee: Rich Rewards Breakfast Blend by Life Extension

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life extension rich rewards breakfast blend, Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee

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Unroasted green coffee beans are a rich source of antioxidants, especially chlorogenic acids, which are highly beneficial for health. Chlorogenic acids can aid in blood sugar control, weight management and lowering high blood pressure.  Regular coffee consumption has been associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, liver cirrhosis, obesity and other diseases.

Problem with Conventional Roasted Coffee

Unfortunately, much of the beneficial content of green coffee beans is destroyed during the roasting process. Total chlorogenic acids can be reduced to about 50% and scarcely detectable levels in accordance with the intensity of roasting conditions (temperature and time). Dark roast coffee usually contains the least amount of antioxidants.

One would have to drink many cups of conventional coffee for maximum health benefit. However, some people can develop unpleasant side effects from drinking too much coffee.

Alternative to Conventional Roasted Coffee: Rich Rewards Breakfast Blend by Life Extension

Rich Rewards Breakfast Blend is a made from organic Arabica beans, using the patented roasting process known as HealthyRoast™ that significantly increases its chlorogenic content. This patent is owned by Applied Food Sciences, LLC, the same company that produces GCA (green coffee antioxidant), a proprietary ingredient used in various dietary supplements.

HealthyRoast™ is a natural process that involves pre-soaking green coffee beans in water prior to roasting them. The roasted coffee beans are then  immersed into the same liquid in which they were first pre-soaked, to return substantial polyphenol (plant-based antioxidant) content to the beans. This process does not affect the taste and aroma of brewed coffee.

Features of Rich Rewards Breakfast Blend
– contains far greater chlorogenic acid levels than other premium coffee brands
– no additives or preservatives
– easy on the stomach
– rich gourmet flavour
– 100% USDA Organic certified Arabica Beans

For people who do not like drinking coffee or cannot tolerate it, there are green coffee bean extract supplements that provide standardized chlorogenic acid with little caffeine.

Where to Buy Life Extension Rich Rewards Breakfast Blend

Caffeinated –> Available here
Decaffeinated –> Available here

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