Top 3 Anti Aging Supplements

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Almost everyone wants to look and feel young always, or even live as long as possible. In addition to exercise and healthy diet, dietary supplements can help to slow down or reverse the effects of aging.

On his recent show, Dr Oz recommended 3 anti-aging supplements to slow down aging of the brain, heart and bone.

1. Vinpocetine for Brain Health

Dr Oz Vinpocetine 150 mg,Life Extension Vinpocetine 150 mg


Vinpocetine is derived from the periwinkle plant of Madagascar. It’s used to prevent memory loss, stave off dementia and avoid Alzheimer’s Disease. It appears to work by increasing blood flow to the brain and may protect neurons from injury.
Dr Oz recommended dosage: 10 mg, 3 times a day

2. Hawthorn Extract for Heart Health
Keeping blood pressure in check is crucial for healthy heart function. Hawthorn extract, derived from a plant in the rose family, is traditionally used to treat heart disease. The leaves, berries and flowers of the hawthorn plant is rich in flavonoids. The latter are antioxidants that can improve the heart’s pumping ability, increase circulation and protect blood vessels. They may lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, thus helping to fight the number 1 killer (heart disease) in America.

Dr Oz recommended dosage: 150 mg, 3 times a day (total = 450 mg a day)

3. Algaecal for Bone Health
As we age, our bones and joints become weak and frail. There is greater risk of fracture due to osteoporosis. According to Dr Oz, frailty is the main reason people die young. He recommended the calcium supplement called Algaecal.


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Why Algaecal?
Most traditional calcium supplements are made from rocks while Algaecal is made from the marine algae plant found on the beaches of South America. This marine algae is loaded with calcium and 70 other minerals that are highly bioavailable, which means your body can absorb better. Studies have found an increase in bone density after 6 months of Algaecal use.

Dr Oz recommended dosage: 1 capsule, 3 times a day.

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