7 Effective Ways on How to Stop Sugar Cravings

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For many people struggling to lose weight, sugar intake has been identified as a major factor. The problem with sugar is that our bodies sometimes crave for it even when we don’t really need it. Most people simply don’t know how to stop sugar cravings and usually end up giving in to them.

Excessive consumption of sugar is the main cause of obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Putting an End to Cravings

While for some, sugar cravings border on addiction, the vast majority of people can easily control them. The first step is to identify the signs that you are overly dependent on sugar which include:

– Feeling lethargic or lacking energy after having sugary foods
– Wanting sweets even when you feel full
– Difficulty losing weight even with an active lifestyle

It is not always as simple as avoiding buying sugary foods. When we crave sugar we will find ways to get a fix, so the goal must be to minimize cravings. This will not only be a boost for overall health, but it could also mean savings on groceries as well.

Here are 7 ways on how to stop sugar cravings

1. Go for complex carbs

These include foods like potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes and whole grains. When these foods are broken down by the body they are converted into a form of sugar. This is important since cravings can be sparked by deficiencies in the diet. These foods actually help in meeting our dietary needs as they relate to sugar intake.

2. Get regular exercise

This can not only improve the body’s metabolism it can also help to relieve boredom. Many people indulge in sugary foods when they become bored. Exercise helps to avoid this and it keeps you more focused.

3. Limit intake of artificial sweeteners

Studies done by the Mayo Clinic suggest that using artificial sweeteners can actually cause our bodies to crave the real thing. In a bid to make up for what these products don’t provide some people binge on processed sweets and sodas.

4. Monitor your emotional health

Sometimes we resort to what is known as emotional eating to deal with stress or relationship issues. It is important that healthy outlets be found to deal with problems at work or at home.

5. Eat more vegetables

Making a conscious effort to eat vegetables with meals and as snacks can suppress sugar cravings. They help you to feel fuller for longer making it less likely that you will need something sweet. Switching a sugary food with a vegetable also helps in developing good habits.

6. Drink enough water

It is a fact that many people simply don’t drink enough water. This could be one factor that leads to a yearning for sugary foods. It has been found that thirst can be mistakenly seen as a need for something sweet, so it is important to stay hydrated.

7. Increase your protein intake

Many people who constantly crave sugar simply do not get enough protein in their diet. Eating a lean protein with every meal can help to suppress appetite, stop sugar  cravings and increase satiety. Alternatively, consume a high quality protein drink, made from grass fed cow whey protein concentrate, cold pressed, without added sugar and artificial sweeteners, and free from growth hormone, pesticide, chemical, soy and gluten.

In addition, protein bars can be a healthy alternative to candy bars for satisfying sugar cravings. Make sure you select those that are high in protein and fiber, and low and in carbs and sugars.

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  1. Steve says:

    Thank you for this. Water is so important, prior to like 5 years ago I hardly drank it. Now though, it’s all I drink, really. The difference is huge, not only does it help with what you are talking about, sugar cravings, it keeps your belly more full so you eat less in general as well. And then the artificial sweeteners, are we to use real, regular sugar? Because that’s what I have been, seems healthier than the processed magic “sugar.”


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