Dr Oz Algae Oil To Blast Belly Fat

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What is Algae Oil?
Algae oil is a plant-based DHA or omega 3 fatty acid derived from algae.

Algae Oil vs. Fish Oil
Algae is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Fish accumulate omega 3 in their tissues from eating algae. You can get omega 3 from both algae oil and fish oil.

But, why choose algae oil over fish oil?

– high levels of environmental contaminants (mercury, PCBs, dioxins, etc) in fish
– no fishy taste
– smaller capsule size, so easier to swallow
– suitable for vegetarians and vegans
– suitable for people allergic to fish
– no bad taste from burping

Benefits of Algae Oil
– cardiovacular health
– nervous system
– learning and memory
– visual function
– immune system
– fetus development
– body composition
– lowers triglycerides

Algae Oil: Dr Oz’s Belly Fat Blaster From The Ocean
According to Dr Oz, getting sufficient DHA or omega 3 is the fastest and best way to blast belly fat. Algae oil is rich in DHA that reduces inflammation so your body releases fat instead of storing it.

Dr Oz recommended dosage: 600 mg DHA per day

Where To Buy DHA Algae Oil?
–> Professional Supplement Center and  Yes Wellness (Canada)

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