Acacia Powder Curbs Hunger

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Acacia trees are found throughout tropical and subtropical regions, especially Africa and Australia. This resilient plant thrives adverse conditions such as hot and dry climate, and infertile soil.

Acacia gum (or Gum Arabic) is harvested from the stems and branches of Acacia trees. Due to its high solubility, low viscosity, bland taste, rich fiber, neutral odour, low calorie, emulsification, stabilisation and binding properties, acacia gum has wide ranging applications.

Uses of Acacia Gum
1. Flavour and Beverage: instant beverages, soft drinks, ice cream
2. Pharmaceutical: tablets, syrups, cough medication, pill coating, lotions, creams, encapsulation
3. Confectionery: candies, chewing gum, pastilles, lozenges, toffees, coated almonds
4. Industrial Application: paints, glue, adhesive, inks, ceramics

Dr Oz: Acacia Powder Kills Hunger
Acacia powder is produced from acacia gum and is a natural source of dietary fiber. Dr Oz suggests sprinkling acacia powder on your meal to fill you up and curb hunger. Due to its high fiber content, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Where to Buy Acacia Powder
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